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Melody Gabriella_072

Melody Gabrielle is a gifted performer. Her belly dance is both impressive and expressive. Whether a traditional Middle Eastern wedding or a theatrical show, Melody brings passion and excitement to every performance, delighting audiences everywhere! Prices typically range $150 to $250 per show depending on the nature of the performance.


The secret to any great belly dance performance starts in the studio. Melody Gabrielle is a determined teacher striving to bring out the best other dancers approaching them with love and sensitivity. Melody is available to teach workshops on a variety of topics. Don’t see what your looking for? Just contact Melody and she’ll tailor a workshop to your exact needs.

Don’t Just Dance, Stand There- drama and dynamic range
Tips and tricks for adding drama to your dance and teasing more emotion from your performances.

Oriental Choreography
Learn one of Melody’s award-winning choreographies. Melody will share all her secrets and tricks to making a choreography and making it work for you!

Award-winning Combos
Need a taste Melody’s style without the whole choreography, no problem. Melody can teach a selection of her award-winning choreographies at your event. Learn all about Melody’s approach to making and teaching combos.

Take the Stage
Whether flying, floating, or digging in you want to take the stage by storm. Melody offers traveling combos that really allow you to claim the space. Melody’s combos are always fun and utilize a variety of floor patterns, weight shifts, directional and level changes.

Trouble-shooting Turns
One of the banes of the belly dancer’s existence is the dreaded turns. Have no fear Melody was turning long before she belly danced. Obviously turns are difficult, but Melody’s approach won’t leave you dizzy. She’ll teach combos using turns as a teaching tool, so you won’t be constantly turning. Additionally she can discuss turn practice, cover common turning tweaks, and a method that will have you falling in love rather than falling out of turns.

Fitting Folklore into your Show
Melody has a deep love for the ethnic roots of belly dance, but sadly the general public doesn’t always “get it.” In this class Melody will take you through some of her tricks to throwing in the folklore and making sure your audience isn’t ready to throw in the towel.

“Egyptian Style” for the Non-Egyptian Style Dancer a.k.a. fake it till you make it
A lot of dancers long for more exposure to Egyptian style dance but where do you start? This class is not a replacement for Egyptian technique from an Egyptian master. Think of this class as the “idiots guide” to Egyptian style or everything you wanted to know about Egyptian style but were too afraid to ask. In this class Melody will share both her personal experience, pitfalls, and mistakes when trying to tackle Egyptian style dance. Although not completely comprehensive, this class should arm students with enough knowledge and technique to hold their own in workshops taught by Egyptian masters.