About Melody


Melody Gabrielle is an award-winning belly dance artist. She specializes in Oriental style belly dance and various Middle Eastern folkloric styles.

Melody is a passionate performer and instructor inspiring both students and audiences. As a performer Melody entertains and uplifts her audience, invoking a broad spectrum of emotions. As an instructor she fosters self-expression and creativity, builds confidence, and helps dancers achieve their artistic aspirations.

Born into an artistic family, Melody grew up in a world filled with music, dance, and drama. Along with her love of the arts, she loves to study culture and history. She found belly dance to be a perfect fusion of her creative talents and academic interests.

Her dance career highlights are traveling to Egypt with Sahra Saeeda’s Journey Through Egypt program in 2013, winning 1st place at Best of the Best 2015, and performing with live musicians at  La Dansa Oriental, Mendicino Middle Eastern Camp, and Cairo Egypt.




2nd Place East Coast Classic 2016

1st Place Best of the Best 2015

3rd Place La Dansa Oriental 2015



Journey through Egypt Level 4 (JTE-4), 2013

Journey through Egypt Level 3 (JTE-3), 2013

Journey through Egypt Level 2 (JTE-2), 2013

Journey through Egypt Level 1 (JTE-1), 2012



MA Religious Studies- Sacred Dances of the Ancient Near East, 2009

BA Anthropology and History with a minor in music, 2006